In December 2017 the scientific journal Lingwistyka Stosowana/ Applied Linguistics/ Angewandte Linguistik was subject to an external audit. The concluding remarks of the audit underlined that the journal could not be named Applied Linguistics in English due to the fact that such a name is used by two foreign journals. Consequently, a part of the citations referring to our journal are ascribed to other journals. Moreover, it was pointed out that providing the journal’s name in Polish in international indexing databases results in classifying it as a journal of local character.

Accordingly, from number 25/ 1 onwards the journal changes its name into Applied Linguistics Papers. Also, it changes its ISSN number. As the journal will retain its scientific profile, the evaluation index of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education remains unchanged (13 pts.). We hope that these changes will rapidly internationalize the journal and increase the number of its citations in indexing databases.

Focus and Scope
Applied Linguistics Papers
is a quarterly journal issued in an electronic form employing the peer review procedure. The journal focuses on all the branches of broadly defined applied linguistics. It comprises texts addressing questions connected with application-driven deliberation and research within the fields of:
     •  language education
     •  translation studies
     •  LSP linguistics
     •  legal linguistics
     •  communication studies
     •  communication for special purposes.

Applied Linguistics Papers publishes texts written in Polish, English and German. The journal is issued in accordance with the CC BY-NC-ND.

Evaluation Index
    • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland: 13 pts (2015).
ISSN 2544–9354
The journal is published online, quarterly as a serial publication.

Databases (for both Lingwistyka Stosowana i Applied Linguistics Papers):
 •  CEJSH (Applied Linguistics Papers) – The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
 •  CEJSH (Lingwistyka Stosowana) – The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
 •  BazHum (Applied Linguistics Papers) – The Database of Humanities and Social Science Journals
 •  BazHum (Lingwistyka Stosowana) – The Database of Humanities and Social Science Journals
 •  POLindex –  The Polish Citation Database
 •  Index Copernicus International – ICI Journals Master List.

Founded by Prof. Dr. habil. Sambor Grucza

Faculty of Applied Linguistics

University of Warsaw

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