The beginnings of Applied Linguistics Papers could be dated to 1978, when Prof. Franciszek Grucza established the journal Przegląd Glottodydaktyczny. In total 26 numbers of Przegląd Glottodydaktyczny were published 20 with Prof. Franciszek Grucza as editor-in-chief, 6 final numbers edited by Prof. Sambor Grucza. The tables of contents and the English abstracts of articles included in VOLUMES section constitute evidence for more than 30-year-long history of Przegląd Glottodydaktyczy and the achievements of Polish language education studies (glottodidactics). In 2009 due to the initiative of Prof. Sambor Grucza it was decided to broaden the research interests of Przegląd Glottodydaktyczny and change the name of the journal to Lingwistyka Stosowana/ Applied Linguistics/ Angewandte Linguistik. Under this name and with Prof. Sambor Grucza as editor-in-chief the total of 24 numbers of the journal were published. In 2012 Lingwistyka Stosowana was provided with 4 points evaluation index on the B list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and in 2015 the index was increased to 13 points. The name of the journal was changed again to Applied Linguistics Papers in 2018. The change was dictated by the editorial board’s concerns to render the journal as international as possible.

Since 1978, i.e. since when Przegląd Glottodydaktyczny was established, the scope of language education research (glottodidactics) has been considerably broadened. The research focus has been particularly intensely extended following the year 2000. Consequently, new glottodidactics research directions were developed, such as glottodidactic corpus linguistics, glottodidactic computer linguistics, LSP glottodidactics, eye-tracking glottodidactics. For many decades two other branches of applied linguistics, translation studies and translation training studies, have been developed in parallel to glottodidactics. New research directions, e.g. eye-tracking translation studies and law translation studies, have also been formed within their scope.

The primary goal of the journal Lingwistyka Stosowana was to disseminate the results of scientific deliberation and research within the scope of broadly defined applied linguistics. The first number of Lingwistyka Stosowana was published in the middle of 2009. This number carries a symbolic meaning for two reasons. Firstly, it marks the creation of the first Polish scientific journal including the phrase “applied linguistics” in its name. Secondly, it documents the reactivation of the Polish Society of Applied Linguistics (PTLS) that took place at the scientific conference “Applied Linguistics as Science” (“Lingwistyka stosowana jako nauka”), organized on 17th April 2009 at University of Warsaw.

The editorial board of Applied Linguistics Papers would like to thank cordially Professor Franciszek Grucza for his unwavering support to the new publishing projects contributing to the development of Polish applied linguistics. We would like to thank all the members of the Advisory Board of Lingwistyka Stosowana and the Advisory Board of Applied Linguistics Papers for their willingness to devote their precious time to propagate applied linguistics as a science. Especially we would like to thank Professor Barbara Z. Kielar for chairing the Advisory Board between 2008–2012, Professor Ewa Wolnicz-Pawłowska for taking over the duties of the Advisory Board Chairperson between 2012–2016, and Professor Jerzy Żmudzki for accepting this post in 2016. We thank all the authors and reviewers for contributing to this project.


Prof. Sambor Grucza